"Bound" 2015

Often the language used to describe a person and their wheelchair is a reflection of ableist views that comes with negative connotations, like the term "wheelchair bound". This suggests the person is being tied down in some way. As if using a wheelchair is limiting a person and their experiences.

The idea that a person is confined to a wheelchair is seeded in this idea that it is something that holds us back. It's not the stairs to get into the school that prevents us from accessing an education, it's the wheelchair. It's not the stairs to get into the subway station that prevents us from reaching our destination of choice, it's the wheelchair. The wheelchair is always what's viewed as being at fault for our limitations when the fact of the matter is, our environment and the lack of thought that goes into creating space for a person using a wheelchair, is what limits our freedom. The wheelchair itself is the opposite of a limitation because when you take it away what then?

Using a wheelchair is nothing short of liberating. It gives a person the power to move yet it does not overpower the person using it. By no means does it hold them down, it does not bind them. The power lies in the hands of its user. It's the wheelchair user that ultimately dominates and takes control of the wheelchair